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Beautiful Disaster

On the inside looking out

9 December
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Beautiful Disaster

Her eyes light up a room...

she is afraid of the darkness behind them.

Her smile is breathtaking...

so much so, that she has to hold her breath to do so.

Her laughter is contagious...

she's drowning in a sea of her own tears.

She is everybody's best friend...

she is her own worst enemy.

She is the life of the party...

She is dying inside.

She has big dreams...

She is afraid that her nightmares are her reality.

She has enough love to spread throught the world...

but none left for herself.

She is a lovely tragedy

She is a Beautiful Disaster.....

my pet!

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I am getting married to the most loving, caring, patient, amazing man on April 8th 2005!! (he must be all of those things + a little crazy to be marrying me... but shhhh... don't tell him!!)

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Lovelytragedy is a mystery to those that know her best. She is a master of secrets and never tells a lie. She is a true friend, an avenger to what is right and a protector to those who need it.
Strengths: Master of defenses. High walls and steel doors that cannot be penetrated.
Weaknesses: Has an uncontrollable need to help everyone that she comes in contact with, does not share well, has a collection of bottled emotions.
Special Skills: Smoke and mirror illusions are her specialty
Weapons: Harsh Words, evil eye and arsenic.
Power Source: Alexandrite, Diet Coke w/Lime and her friends!

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