Beautiful Disaster (lovelytragedy) wrote,
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I couldn't help myself.

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me.

It can only be one word. No more.

Then copy & paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about you.
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Especially coming from you!

Funny that you responded to this. I almost left a personal note to you to keep it PG and from the neck up!! hahaha
But then I figured that it probably wasn't necessary cuz you probably wouldn't see it since you're not on much! I'm impressed... you were on your best behavior and I didn't even have to give you the stink eye! hahaha
i was on late last night, as you can see by the tattle tale time on the entry, & came across it. i thought to myself that i had previously seen you post something to that affect, & didn't recall if i had left a reply or not. so given the fact that i would be the first to reply, i took a few minutes, went out for a smoke, & gave it some thought. the reply is what i came up with, & i thought it to only be fitting, & whole heartedly true. i'm sure that there are so many in your life professional, & personal, that would agree with my choice of words.

and you happened to catch me on one of those rare occasions when i was in a PG rating type mood! ;)

Ditto Darling! This is why you are going to be my business partner!! Good way to start huh?

Deleted comment

how strangly accurate!

Glad you liked yours!

Deleted comment

I love being possessed!

You reactivated your account huh?
Having anything to do with a certain Miss Shweetie?
awwwww!!! Now that's a good friend! someone who will lie to you just to make you feel good! Muah hunny!
shweety, i thought u knew me better than that! .. i live to squash the self-esteem of all people everywhere, friend n foe alike .... i kid i kid .. with friends, i'm honest (99.65% of the time), sometimes brutally ::shrug:: she is beautiful, more than just physically :)