Beautiful Disaster (lovelytragedy) wrote,
Beautiful Disaster

On a lighter and brighter note...

Cliff Notes to my week (or two)

1~ Got a hair cut. It's short and I like it.
2~ Went shopping and finally spent my birthday and Christmas gift cards! Got some fun new clothes :) I decided to go now cuz this season's new trend of black and white very mod stripes and polka dots is super hot and I NEEDED to stock up! Yay!!
3~ One of the girls at work had a birthday party so all of us gals went and had a great time! It as so nice to spend time with them outside of work. This has inspired a "happy hour" outing this coming Wednesday and then hopefully monthly after that! Yay!
3~ My friend Tiff's new baby was sick with RSV and was in the hospital for 6 days. She was released Tuesday, just in time for her 1 month birthday! Happy Birthday Mikayla! Auntie is happy that you are feeling better!
4~ My Biz partner and I are meeting on Saturday to fill out all of the paperwork for our Business license and to get things up and running!! Yay!
5~ My friend(of 19 years)Jaimee, is moving to CO at the end of the month. I am sooo happy for her and the great things this move means for her but it leaves me with an empty spot in my soul. I'll miss her and our monthly girl's nights immensely! No more Tapas at the Uva Bar or rude waiters who try to serve me meat at the Jazz Kitchen! I saw her this past weekend and we have one more outing scheduled before she leaves!! Thank goodness I still get March! I guess I need to take advantage of cheep airfare and her guest room for our April meeting! I'll miss you girl!
6~ On a strangely coincidental note... I have just reunited with a friend (Becky)that I haven't seen or heard from in 19 years! Yes, the same amount of time that I have known Jaimee. Not related except for by the move that caused the loss in contact with Becky and simultaneously gave me the opportunity to meet Jaimee. Odd huh? Anywho... Beck and I were the very bestest of friends in junior high and early high school and were bonded by a series of events and tragedies that took place during those crazy years. I have thought about her often over the years and have been looking for her for quite some time. Well, diligence and for $40.00 a year sure pays off! It started with an email and has moved on to 2 hour phone conversations. It's like picking up where we left off. The other amazing fact is that she lives in LA so we are only about 30 mins away from one another. We are planning to get together in the next week or two! I can't wait!
7~ I got 2 water frogs! They are so cute! I was looking for a friend for my beta- it is a misconception that they are anti-social and cannot be kept with other creatures. He is actually intrigued by them. He watches them and swims next to them and was only slightly aggressive for the 1st few minutes. I was floating their bag in the tank (to bring their temp up so that I didn't shock them when I put them in their new home)and he puffed up and tried to look all scary. But as soon as I set them free he was perfectly fine and got all swimmy and cute! I also put a live plant in the tank which he seems to really like :)

Well, I think that's it for now. But who knows.
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